Monday, September 29, 2008

Re: Rickords

Here are some of my favorite Rickords photos:

These two are of Vernon J Rickords,(17Mar1910-28Aug1980) son of Cecil Bert and Jennie Eliza Jane Calkins Rickords. He worked at a dude ranch 1930-31 outside of Reno, Nevada to earn enough money to marry his sweetheart, Hazel Shockey (14Jun1913-15Dec1998), daughter of Liss Listy and Evelyn Gidney Shockey. They are my husband's paternal grandparents.

This is Jennie Eliza Jane Calkins Rickords 1947 at Soap Lake, Washington. I love that she was comfortable having a swimsuit photo taken of her back in the day!
Below is Cecil Bert Rickords, Jennie's husband from whom she was divorced. They had nine children together when Cecil up and left - returned home to his parents and Jennie had to support the family after this. She was a strong woman whom I definitely admire!

Here are seven of those nine children and Cecil and Jennie. 1930.

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