Thursday, November 13, 2008


I've always been rushed when it came to jotting down a list of family veterans for the kids to take to school each November. To get around that, I usually claimed we didn't know of anyone who served in the military. And, We are off a generation - our parents were too young for WWII and too old for Vietnam. When I've taken time to think about it, though, I realize that there are indeed relatives that I could have been listing!

Start with: My dad. (Surprise!) He served in the Army in Okinawa from 1953-1955. He saw no action, but worked in an office on the island for several years.

My brother: Clyde K. Harward. He served in the Army as a medic during the 1980's. He was in Germany and Texas. He was released early due to his son's health issues and is since deceased.

My 19-year-old son isn't quite a veteran yet. He signed up for the Army National Guard 9 months ago and just completed his "boot camp" training this past October (2008).

My mother's two brothers were vets:
Uncle Harold S. Madsen served in the army in Germany during WWII. The story is told of how he and his buddies were hiding in a cellar while German soldiers were searching the house above them. He attributes their being alive to God's intervention!

Uncle Kenneth C. Madsen served in WWII in the Navy - He told us of how he was sea sick on a transport ship for weeks. Poor guy!

My husband's great uncle served in WWII. We have a photo of him in uniform. I plan to track down some more relatives and list them here...


Niesja said...

Hi Lisa!

Sorry to impose on your blog... my name is Niesja Sharp and my Grandmother was Lorraine Hayes who was cousins with Kenneth C. Madsen, your uncle! I have some of his artwork and have been looking to buy some more... do you know where I could buy them or search for them? he was a huge inspiration in my life!


Niesja Sharp

Lisa said...

Hi Niesja,
Not sure how to contact you, so I'll just reply to your note. It was great to hear from a "cousin"... I'd like to know who your parents are... I know of Lorraine Hayes - married to Sam Hayes. Their children were Shirley Ann, Tom Allen, Marion Lorrraine, Carolyn and Clyde James... is that right?
To reach Kenneth C. Madsen's children (he died a few years back) try one of the following e-mails: Gordon:; Lucille Madsen Nielsen: or her twin Lucinda Madsen Craven: these are the three children I keep incontact with. If you can't contact any of them, I know my dad was trying to help Uncle Kenneth with a webpage and I could ask him if there is any one in particular who keeps up with his artwork... Good luck, your "cousin" Lisa (My mom Winnifred is Kenneth's younger sister. Actually, the entire family are artists - grandma Helen Anna Sanders Madsen did sculpting and some chalks and landscaping - her yard was often 1st place in the state of Utah. My mom, Winnie does sculpting and some painting. Others are more talented along the lines of landscaping, etc.)