Monday, September 29, 2008

A Riot of Rickords

We Rickords are pretty particular about how you spell our name. Yes, we know that it's a misspelling from some other point in time. Originally, it was most likely Records. Some use Rickards, Richards, Rickard or Rickord.

Whatever. It is what it is and has been since Benjamin Rickords (1808-aft1870) from Delaware/Maryland spelled it thus in the early 1800's.

What we know of him: Benjamin Eskridge Rickords m. Sabrina Killpatrick (1811-aft1870) to this marriage were born 11 children all in Ohio: (and where did this Eskridge name come from? It shows up in 3 generations of Rickords...) He died in Broadwell, Logan County, Illinois where many Rickords lived for generations and some still do. If you look for them in census records, be sure to check the various spellings, including ORickords (for the 1880 census taker who heard "William O. Rickords" and interpreted it as "William O'Rickords")

1.Richard Eskridge Rickords (22Oct1830-17Dec1920)m.Christiann Harlow
*2.William Orlando Rickords (7Apr1833-6Nov1919) m.Lucy/Icy Lawson
3.Sarah E. Rickords (2Jul1835-22Oct1905) m. Samuel Watts
4.Mary Jane Rickords (1837-Bef 1865) m. Andrew Lawson
5.Eliza Ann Rickords (1839-1874) m.1 John McNeely m.2 John Lawson
6. Smiley Spencer Rickords (8Feb1842-22Aug1919) m. Eliza Jane Porter
7.John Wesley Rickords (4Feb1844-7Jul1926) m.1 Sarah R. Antill M.2 Mary J. Zimmerman
8. Joseph A or H Rickords (1845-1863)
9. Samuel B. Rickords (Jan1848-15Jan1935) m. Mary Emmaline Harlow
10.Drusilla Rickords (1850- )
11.Rebecca Rickords (Sep18568-aft1930) m. Mahlon Lawson

*2. William Orlando Rickords
and Issy Lawson (interesting that 4 of the siblings married into the Lawson family.)
I have recently become acquainted with Reita who lives in Illinois and has graciously shared photos of her father and grandfather Samuel James Rickords (son of Wm Orlando Rickords) as well as many of the Rickords tombstones in Illinois. This past summer I acquired two more photos of Wm Orlando's children: Smiley Spencer and Emma May. This makes 4 children for whom I have photos from that family!
Their 10 children:

*2A. John Eskridge Rickords (6Jul1858-27Jan1952) m. Anna Mae Shilling

2B. Mary Elizabeth Rickords (8Feb1861-aft 1900) m. Herman Pane Slayton
2C. Benjamin P. Rickords (15Jan1864-1921) m. Cordelia D. Hess
2D. Samuel James Rickords (8Mar1867-13Jun1929) m.1 Hester E. Staggers m.2 Clara Lavona Crayne
2E. Smiley Spencer Rickords (4Sep1869-1940) m. Loretta G. Harper

2F. Emma May Rickords (2Mar1872-23Nov1949) m. Joseph Lucas

2G. Andrew Johnson Rickords (31Mar1874-aft 1910) m. Effie Mae Page
2H. Joseph Alexander Rickords (9Dec1876-aft1930)
2I. William Henry Rickords (25Apr1878-aft1918)
2J. George W. Rickords (11Oct1882-1942)

*2A. John Eskridge Rickords and Anna Mae Shilling had 5 children:

2A.i. Elizabeth Lanore Rickords (14Sep1884-May1961) m. C. Richard Beck
*2A.ii. Cecil Bert Rickords (20Oct1887-24Dec1959) m. Jennie Eliza Jane Calkins
2A.iii. Levert John Rickords (10Jul1893-23Apr1970) m. Anna Messner
2A.iv. Claude Allen Rickords (20Jun1900-31Dec1939) m. Leota Genevia Ryman

2A.v. Jessie Rebecca Rickords (29Apr1902-Apr1997) m.1 Frank Anderson m.2 Gustov Maehl

*2A.ii. Cecil and Jennie Eliza Jane Calkins Rickords had 9 children:

*2A.ii.a. Vernon J Rickords (17Mar1910-28Aug1980) m. Hazel Shockey

2A.ii.b. Hazel Fern Rickords (5Feb1912-24Jul1991) m.1 Tom Chisom m.2 John Anderson m.3 Elling Ytteroy m.4 Josef H. Weidmann

2A.ii.c. Ruth Evelyn Rickords (24Feb1914-2Feb1992) m.1 Art Struble m.2 Bob Hicks m.3 Riley H. Fisher

2A.ii.d. Dorothy Mae Rickords (26Nov1916-1May1973) m. Charles Calvin Powers

2A.ii.e. Kenneth Claude Rickords (16Oct1918-23Jan1993) m. Dorothy Rose Leubke

2A.ii.f. Doris Aileen Rickords (1Jul1921-17Jul2005) m. William B. Hall

2A.ii.g. Cecil Lorain Rickords (27Aug1923-15Aug1997) m. Peggy Lou Dobbs

2A.ii.h. Lindel Bert Rickords (living)

2A.ii.i. Claude James Rickords (22Jul1926-14May2007) m. Valoyce Roxy Elrod

*2A.ii.a. Vernon J and Hazel Shockey Rickords had 3 children:

2A.ii.a.1. Deena Barbara Rickords (5Feb1933-17Jun1988)
2A.ii.a.2. John Vernon Rickords (27Jun1935-24Jan1940)
died at age 5 to leukemia

*2A.ii.a.3. Philip Rickords (living)
Philip has six children. I am married to the oldest. We have 5 children, three of them boys who will carry on the Rickords name.


Anonymous said...

Hi there ! My name is Keith Rickard . My 3rd great grandfather was Benjamin Rickords b. 1808 . My 2nd great grandfather was Smiley Spencer Rickords . My great grandfather was born Frederick Franklin Rickords but at some point due to a family feud changed the last name to Rickard. I would love to know any other details you might know about Benjamin I'm at a brick wall about his actual P>O>B> and his parents . I have a theory but nothing proved.

Carol said...


I am a Rickords, born in Illinois. I have a lot of pictures, Smiley being one of them.

I have also heard that the famous Rolling Stone, Keith Richards is in our line. His family changed their name from Rickords to Richards when they moved from Ireland to England because they did not want to be associated with the Rickords due to all the drinking.

Wondering if anyone else has heard this story.

Pat said...

I am Patricia L Rickords, daughter of Cecil L. I met Barbara when she brought Aunt Hazel to Kansas. My parents stayed with you in ALaska one year. Please contact me. Do you have Grandma Rickords geneology of the Calkins family, going back to the Mayflower? ALso, Shirley (powers) Webb has done a lot of Rickords research and I have copies.

Lisa said...

Hurray for you doing all that research! Yes, we also have the Mayflower connection!! (And through the Calkins, my hubby and I are related - something like 8th cousins twice removed! We both have the same line back to the Mayflower :)

Anonymous said...

Carol , Hi my name is Keith Rickard ( the post just above yours) I would be very interested in seeing a picture of Smiley and anyone else that might be in my line. My e-mail is . Please drop me a line if you get a chance

Shelly Fortner said...

My name is Shelly (Rickords) Fortner. I just came across this website, and it actually made my jaw drop to see al the information you've gathered! My grandpa is one pictured - Claude Rickords, May he rest in peace. And all of my great aunts & uncles I knew very closely! Other than Dorothy & Vernon, they passed away when I was young or before I was born. I even live in my aunt Doris's home at this very moment. Thank you for posting all of this information!! Amazing.

a Rickords kid :)

Karen M Rickords said...

I'm a Rickords too! My father Richard Gene (brother Thomas died in infancy),died in California, born in Illinois.
My Grandfather was Spencer Preston Rickords, married to Madge Ruth Gillum;
His father was George, married to Zona;
His father was Smiley, married to Eliza Porter;
His father Benjamin, married to Sabrina Killpatrick;
I'm at a stand still on Benjamin. Anybody know anything about him?

Karen Rickords

L Tiigersma said...

Hi Rickords
folks- Saw some photos for sale online of your family members
Hope one of you snaps them up!

Paula Houghtaling said...

I have an unusual situation. Thanks to Ancestry I've found that the person my husband thought was his father isn't. He has ties to the Rickard side (Keith you are one of his strongest matches and I've been meaning to reach out to you). I believe that his father could be Weldon Way Rickard; Harry V Rickard or Samuel James Rickords - if anyone has any information on any of these people it would be greatly appreciated!