Saturday, January 24, 2009

History 400

I am determined to finish my History 400 class. I started it almost a year ago and left it for a while. I had breast cancer and underwent chemo and radiation. Now I'm getting back up to speed and have actually turned in the assignments for lesson #3. I had been researching my great grandpa Heber Harward and his father Thomas Harward. This class will give me the impetus to dig deeper and get more accurate information on the two of them.

Dad was raised in Wyoming and Utah in part by his step-mother Joan Arnett Cheesbrough Harward and his father Eldon Harward (Heber and Mary Jane Broadhead Harward's 10th of 14 children.) That is, when he wasn't being passed around from relative to relative. He finally was on his own before he was sixteen years old. He worked at Hygia Ice in Salt Lake and attended South High School. He was introduced to Mom at the ice rink and the two of them made a great team - getting to know each other as they skated in flourishes. They married before Mom graduated from high school and Dad joined the army. They were together at Fort Leonardwood, Missouri before Dad was sent to Okinawa for two years. Mom worked at the telephone company as an operator while waiting for Dad's return.

Dad claims that he didn't hear much about his grandparents and great grandparents. Just that Heber Harward was a teamster and freighted supplies back and forth and occasionally took his son Eldon with him. He had heard the ever famous story of Thomas Harward's: that after joining the LDS church, his father disowned him. BUT..... any Harward who will deny the Faith and return to England can claim a huge inheritance. Many stories like this abound. I've read about them in the histories published by members of the DUP - other "cousins" who heard the same stories.

My diggings will hopefully uncover more of the history of Thomas and his families of Harwards from Hartlebury, Worcestershire, England. (There are Harwards in North Carolina, but they aren't directly related to us. Possibly they are related a few hundred years back.....)

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Kathy said...

Hi Lisa

I am trying to finish up my History 400 class also. I started it the year of the weddings and couldn't finish it on time. I hated losing out on the tuition money! So here I am again. My extension ends on May 12th. I have all the lessons done, I just need to write the paper. Good luck getting yours done.